In Bashkortostan the police helped a freezing veteran of the Great Patriotic War

In Ishimbay the thermometer stood at about -30 degrees. There were not so many people in the streets in this small town at such a weather. Patrolling the town, a private security police crew composed of police ensign Albert Gabitov and police sergeant Nazhip Valiev noticed an elderly man. He walked very slowly, barely moving his feet. Coming closer, the police saw that the old man was very cold, his face turned pale, he could not speak.

They put him in the patrol car, and treated to some hot tea from a thermos. The warmed-up man was able to give his name and address. This turned to be 88-year-old Alexander Mikhailovich Korzhukov, veteran of the Great Patriotic War. He went to a store and got lost. Realizing this, he tried to find the way on his own, but moved further and further away from home. He was already in the police car when he got back to his senses.

Private security employees helped Alexander Mikhailovich to return home, put him to bed, covered up with a warm blanket and reported to the city hospital. As for themselves, they were back to patrolling.

In the evening they visited the veteran again and made ​​sure that he was all right.

MIA Press-Service in the Republic of Bashkortostan

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