Police officers of IA Administration for North-Eastern Administrative District detained fraud suspect

“Criminal Investigation officers of the Internal Affairs Administration for the North-Eastern Administrative District of the MIA of Russia GA for Moscow detained a suspect in trust fraud, who had been released this year from prison where he had been serving a sentence for a similar crime.

According to the available information, the offender made acquaintance with a woman-Muscovite through a social network. During the correspondence, he has said that he currently held a high position, and his parents were very wealthy people. After some time, the man asked his new friend to marry him and announced the condition of his relatives - to provide evidence of the bride's wealth. The defendant persuaded the woman to transfer by several payments to his bank account 15 million rubles, which he promised to place in the bank-cell of one of the banks and return to her later on. As soon as the funds were credited to the account of the pseudo groom, he stopped contacts.

The Investigative Unit of the Investigation Administration for the North Eastern Administrative District of the MIA General Administration for the city of Moscow initiated a criminal case on the grounds of a crime under Article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code.

As a result of operational-search measures, the suspect was detained in the Moscow Region. It was established that earlier he had been repeatedly prosecuted for the commission of similar crimes. The last time in 2015 he was sentenced to five years in prison.

The preliminary criminal investigation is on-going,” said the official spokesperson for the Russian MIA Irina Volk.

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