Vladimir Kolokoltsev met veterans of the internal affairs bodies

Today, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Police of the Russian Federation, held a reception in the honour of 32 representatives of the largest veteran organisations of internal affairs bodies from 21 regions.

The Chief of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs congratulated the attendees with the professional holiday and acknowledged their long dedicated service, commitment to the profession and traditions.

The Minister thanked the veterans for the fact that though at well-earned rest, they keep living for the interests of the divisions they had worked at for many years and sharing their experience with young policemen.

Vladimir Kolokoltsev told the guests about the current situation in the country and the tasks addressed by the MIA of Russia, “The criminal nature has changed in the recent years. Just several days ago, an important issue of prevention of high-tech crimes was discussed at the meeting of the MIA of Russia Collegium. We work hard to make the roads safer. As a result, the number of road accidents, deaths and injuries shows consistent decrease. We try to improve the quality of public services. We pay much attention to equipping the internal affairs bodies with modern machinery and arms. Enhancement of the state service prestige, improvement of discipline and law enforcement stay the priority areas”.

The attendees specially discussed the set of measures to be taken in relation to the important date in the history of our country – the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The Chief of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs expressed his confidence that the veterans of internal affairs bodies will take part in this work with high level of responsibility characteristic of them, and wished them health, long life, peace and happiness.

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