Resident of Tomsk is accused of causing particularly serious damage to participants in shared construction

Inquiry unit of the Investigation Administration of the MIA Administration for the Tomsk Region completed the investigation and sent to court the criminal case charging a resident of the city of Tomsk with causing property damage.

During operative-search measures and investigative actions, the police suppressed the activity of a resident of the regional center accused of committing a crime under paragraph “b” of part 2 of Article 165 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Causing particularly large property damage to the owner and other possessor of property by deceit and abuse of trust in the absence of signs of theft”.

According to the investigation, in the period from January 1, 2011 to March 1, 2018, the defendant, using a construction organization under his control, by deceiving and violating the trust of individuals, representatives and heads of legal entities wishing to participate in shared construction of an apartment building, in the absence of intention to fulfill his obligations to participants in the shared construction, attracted money from them for the construction of an apartment building. The commitments assumed by the construction organization controlled by the defendant were not fulfilled, in connection with which the participants in the shared construction suffered property damage totaling more than 90,000,000 rubles.

The sanction of the article incriminated against the man provides for criminal liability in the form of imprisonment for up to five years with a fine of up to eighty thousand rubles or in the amount of wages or other income of the guilty person for a period of up to six months or without it and with restriction of liberty for up to two years or without it.

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