Meeting of State Anti-Drug Committee was held under the chairmanship of Vladimir Kolokoltsev

Today, a meeting of the State Anti-Drug Committee was held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia under the chairmanship of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The event was attended in the video-conference mode, by chairmen of the anti-drug commissions – the leaders of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Opening the meeting, Vladimir Kolokoltsev drew attention to the tendency in the domestic drug market – a shift towards the predominance of synthetic drugs: “This year, about 100 clandestine drug laboratories were liquidated, the bulk of which specialized in the production of such substances. Quite recently, the activities of an interregional criminal community were suppressed, the participants of which were engaged in the manufacture, storage and marketing of synthetic drugs in Moscow and the Moscow Region and in the Republic of Mari El. As a result of operational-search measures, the organizer and members of the group were detained. The laboratory equipment was seized, as well as about 20 kilograms of prohibited substances.”

An increase in the share of synthetics is evidenced not only by law enforcement, but also by medical statistics. Last year, the number of people with addiction to new types of drugs and psychostimulants increased, and the number of patients with opium addiction decreased.

The current system of drug addict registration does not reflect the real picture of drug use in the country. It also needs to take account of those categories of citizens who allow themselves the non-medical use of drugs. In particular, those who are taken for examination during the drawing of administrative protocols and during criminal proceedings.

The Minister proposed to elaborate on this issue in the framework of the interagency working group of the State Anti-Drug Committee.

In addition, the meeting participants discussed measures to prevent the spread of doping in sports environment. This phenomenon is a serious problem that undermines confidence in sport struggle and fair competition, harms the health of athletes, and negatively affects the authority of the Russian Federation in the international arena.

Members of the State Anti-Drug Committee agreed that the doping control system at the moment allows us to limit to a large extent the use by athletes of prohibited substances and methods. Nevertheless, during the event, further steps aimed at minimizing possible risks were considered.

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