In Kaluga Region, official is accused of misappropriation of organization’s funds

A 26-year-old resident of the Kozelsky District was charged with misappropriation, that is, theft of entrusted to him another person's property, committed on a large scale.

According to the investigation, the defendant, being a materially responsible person of a trade company, had access to the safe, in which the revenue of the limited liability company was stored. At some point, the young man became interested in betting on the Internet on two platforms. In gambling excitement, the defendant lost all his savings. But this did not stop the gambler. Hoping for good luck, the citizen repeatedly, without the knowledge of management, took the organization’s proceeds from the safe and continued betting. However, other people's money did not bring him luck.

Soon, the fact of a shortage was revealed in the store, which served as the basis for the management of the limited liability company to contact the police. During the investigation of the criminal case instituted under part 3 of Article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the police established the amount of damage - more than 480 thousand rubles, and also restored the entire chronology of events.

In the course of communication with law enforcement authorities, the defendant confessed to his deed and promised to take measures to return the embezzled amount. Currently, the criminal case has been sent to Court for consideration on the merits.

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