Vladimir Kolokoltsev held a meeting of the Government Commission on Crime Prevention

Today at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev, a meeting of the Government Commission on the Prevention of Crimes took place. The main topic of discussion was the interagency interaction and the role of sports and recreation facilities in the organization of youth leisure and the prevention of socially negative phenomena, the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

The importance of events in this area was noted at a meeting of the Presidential Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports in March of this year. The Chairman of the Government Commission recalled that pursuant to its results, within the framework of national projects, it was decided to ensure the availability of appropriate infrastructure, including the infrastructure located directly at the place of residence of citizens. The implementation of this task should result in the involvement of up to 55% of the population in such organized forms of leisure by 2024.

Sports and fitness centers remain an effective tool here. Over the past five years, about eight thousand new school, student sports sections, and community clubs have been created in the country. The number of underage who visit them in their free time is growing.

The Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia stated that much is being done locally for the development of physical culture and sports, but the approach is not the same everywhere.
The Minister emphasized that special attention of the subjects of crime prevention should be focused on working with adolescents who found themselves in a difficult life situation: “For children from social risk groups, it is necessary to ensure the openness of the entire spectrum of sports facilities. Today, most of these children are not involved in any form of organized leisure. And if we do not offer alternatives, they  remain left to their own devices and may be involved in criminal activity”.

In addition, the meeting summed up the first results of the implementation of the Agreement  between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the Ministry of Defense, signed two years ago, which defined the specific tasks of departments in the prevention, detection and suppression of crimes and offenses in military towns and places of compact residence of military personnel, as well as members of their families.  Members of the Government Commission defined a number of measures to intensify this work.

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