Police detained suspects of jewelry theft from store in Adygea

In November 2018, a message was received to the control panel of the operational duty officer of the MIA of Russia Division for the city of Maykop about theft of jewelry from a store located in the republican center.

Arriving at the crime scene as part of an investigative task force, police officers found that at night unidentified persons for several hours had been dismantling a brick wall. Offenders were able to penetrate the storeroom of the store, from which they got into the main hall, where gold items were displayed in show-cases.

The triggered security alarm did not stop the offenders. Before the arrival of the police and representatives of the security organization, they managed to steal jewelry and disappeared. Then the investigative unit of the city police on the grounds of a crime under paragraph “b” of part 4 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code of Russia, initiated a criminal case. During operational activities, officers of the Maykop Police Criminal Investigation Division and the Republican Criminal Investigation Administration managed to identify the alleged criminals. When trying to sell another batch of stolen items, the offenders were detained. These turned to be residents of Maykop aged from 42 to 50.

At the time of detention, most of the stolen jewelry was sold by the men to pawnshops of the Republic of Adygea and neighboring regions. The total damage caused to the victims exceeded 20,000,000 rubles.

Currently, the criminal investigation continues. At the request of the investigation, two suspects are in custody, the third - under house arrest.

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