Kemerovo police made true six-year-old boy’s dream

“Recently, the MIA of Russia GA for the Kemerovo Region, with the assistance of the charity project “Dream with me”, have learned about their little compatriot, six-year-old Nikita Zolotarev, who is struggling with a serious illness. Despite this, the boy intends to become a policeman. GA officers fulfilled his wish, giving the child an opportunity to feel like a guardian of order,” said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk.

First, the boy was told about the service in the traffic police. In the museum, Nikita with great interest held a speedometer rod in his hands, tried on a police cap and then a police helmet. And after, enthusiastically sitting at the wheel of a vintage patrol motorcycle, he went to the children's and youth center for road safety, where everything was real, but adapted for small pedestrians: crossroads, traffic lights, road signs. There, in strict compliance with the rules, the boy rode along the toy streets on a cycle car and scooter, and gave marks to other children on a special card. Officers of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate solemnly accepted Nikita Zolotarev to Young Traffic Inspectors.

Then the future policeman visited the “Grom” special force. The fighters demonstrated the preparation for fights with criminals, demonstrating that their service was really “both dangerous and difficult”.

And the boy was able to feel like a real Sherlock Holmes thanks to the forensic expert and his big “suitcase”. The policeman showed the young guest how the scene of the incident was examined, micro-objects were photographed, evidence was collected and fingerprints were taken.

“It's so interesting! When I grow up, I will work for you,” Nikita firmly said.

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