In the Novosibirsk Region the police rescued people from fire

In settlement Krasnozerskoye a fire started in one of the houses. The owners at that moment were already asleep. Fortunately a Police private security squad composed of Alexander and Andrey Pisarev was passing by. The policemen noticed the fire through the window of the house and took every measure for extinguishing the fire and saving the people. Having woken-up the owners they helped them out of the house since the latter were already uncapable of leaving the burning room on their own.

The policemen extinguished the fire with the help of improvised means. They were assisted by another policeman Sergei Vazhenin, who was a witness of the incident.

The policemen, despite the smoke, localized fire and prevented it from spreading to the entire house.

Press-service of the MIA Department for the Novosibirsk Region


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