Police patrol officer in the city of Galich, the Kostroma Region saved the life of an MOE employee

A message about a fire in a wooden residential house in the town of Galich was received in the night time. All the municipal operational services arrived to the place of the fire. While firefighters were extinguishing the fire, the police ensured a cordon and protection of the scene.

Police Sergeant Fyodor Khoroshilov heard shouts for help and rant to the house on fire. In one of the windows he noticed a burning firefighter. Together with the assistant commander of the guard, he pulled the MOE employee out of the fire and provided first aid to him.

While rescuing the firefighter, the policeman got burns.

At present both men are at the hospital.

The MOE Commander in the Kostroma region expressed gratitude to the policeman for his courage, timely help and saved life of a firefighter.

Press-service of the MIA Department for the Kostroma Region

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