In Yakutia, a road police inspector helped a truck driver whose car went under the ice

The police duty unit of the Russian MIA subdivision for Megino-Kangalassky district was reported that a trucks went under the ice at the Hatassy - Pavlovsk crossing, two hundred meters away from the bank.

Road police were dispatched to the place of the incident. Road police inspector Lieutenant Robert Zhirkov was the first to arrive. He warned the heavy truck drivers against using the crossing and approached the hole in the ice. It was found out that the truck driver and his passenger managed to get out of truck on their own and reached the neighboring road where they were picked-up by a passing by auto vehicle and transported to a medical institution.

The policeman noticed that the second car from Yakutsk bound for Nizhniy Bestykh village went under the ice. The policeman helped the elderly driver to get out of the truck. Later the driver told him that in thick fog he had not noticed the hole in the ice.

Police lieutenant Robert Zhirkov took the affected citizen to the service car – the air temperature that night was -47 degrees Celsius.

The inspector blocked the traffic at this part of the winter road. His arriving colleagues took the rescued driver to the hospital.

Causes and conditions contributing to these traffic accidents are being investigated.

Press-service of MIA in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 

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