In the Tyumen Region the police saved the life of a two-year old girl

In the morning, on the 217th kilometer of the Tyumen-Omsk highway the attention of the road police was attracted by a young woman walking along the road with a small girl in her hands. The thermometer indicated about minus 30 degrees. The two-year old child was lightly dressed and had no shoes.

The policemen stopped for a check, but the woman failed to provide any documents, she just explained that she and her daughter were heading from Novosibirsk to Moscow. The road policemen put them to the patrol car and brought them to the police office for investigation of all the circumstances.

After that the policemen contacted their colleagues in Novosibirsk Region. It turned out that the police was looking for the woman for 24 hours already in connection with the kidnapping of a two year old daughter of her acquaintances, as well as the theft of gold ornaments and two mobile phones which she had with her at that moment.

In the course of investigating the circumstances of the kidnapping it was established that the girl’s real mother – a resident of Dmitrievka village – together with her civilian spouse was celebrating the New Year with her relatives in the town of Tatarsk, Novosibirsk Region. On the next day they had new gusts – another relative with his lady-acquaintance. In the morning the woman woke up and found that her daughter and the new acquaintance disappeared. There also disappeared some things belonging to the child’s mother and her brother – two mobile phones, gold ornaments and a small amount of money.

At the moment the suspect is in the police office of the town of Tatarsk, the stolen ornaments and mobile phones have been seized.

The girl is now going through a medical check-up in the district hospital, where she stays together with her mother. According to the doctors the condition of the child gives no grounds for worries.

Press-service of the MIA Department for Tyumen Region

Press-service of the MIA Department for Novosibirsk Region

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