In the city of Rybinsk police rescued an elderly woman from death

Private Security Service of the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region in the night time received information from the staff on duty about alarm triggered in one of the apartments.

Upon arrival to the indicated address they noticed smoke coming from under the door of the neighboring flat. It was established that a 77-years old lady was living in the flat.

The policemen rang the door-bell and knocked loudly on the door, which helped waking the pensioner.

Once inside the apartment, the private security officers extinguished the fire, called the ambulance, the fire service, and alerted residents of the house entrance about the possible threat. It turned out that there was a short circuit in the electric meter of the apartment.

The victim with symptoms of poisoning was delivered to the Central City Hospital.


Press-service of the MIA Department for Yaroslavl Region

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