Police officers detained suspects in a robbery attack

“Officers of the MIA of Russia Main Directorate for Criminal Investigation, together with colleagues from the Ryazan, Ivanovo regions and the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, with the participation of the Rosgvardia, suppressed the activity of a group whose members were suspected of committing a robbery attack,” said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk.

“It was established that in December last year in Ryazan four unknown persons attacked a man who drove up to his house in a car. The attackers, having inflicted an injury in the victim’s abdomen, stole 3 million rubles from him,” said Irina Volk.

On this fact, the Investigation Unit of the MIA of Russia Division for the Sovetsky District of Ryazan initiated a criminal case under part 4 of Article 162 of the Russian Criminal Code.

“As a result of operational search activities conducted in Moscow, Ryazan, Ivanovo regions and in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, seven men aged from 22 to 47 were found and detained, most of whom had been repeatedly convicted earlier,” the official representative added.

During the search at the place of residence of one of the offenders, a TOZ brand small-caliber rifle with an optical sight, a Glock 9 mm traumatic pistol with signs of mechanical interference, as well as 9 mm live ammunition were found and seized.

With regard to three suspects the court selected the prevention measure in the form of placement to custody and the rest were released on subscription of their own recognizance and proper behavior.

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