In Crimea, the police rescued an elderly woman from fire

“Police precinct officers of the MIA of Russia Division for the city of Feodosia, police captain Maksim Nikitin and police captain Aleksey Ananyin rescued a pensioner from a burning house,” said the Russian MIA spokesperson Irina Volk.

Arriving in the village of Shchebetovka to conduct a search by court order, the police officers saw smoke rising over one of the private houses and heard calls for help. They immediately reported the fire to the emergency services and rushed to the rescue.

“The police entered a smoke-filled room and saw an elderly woman who could not get out on her own. A part of the clothes on the victim was already burning. The police precinct officers quickly brought down the flames and carried the woman outside,” Irina Volk said.

With the help of improvised means, Maksim Nikitin and Aleksey Ananyin on their own prevented the spread of fire until the fire crew arrival. Meanwhile, their colleagues, arriving on the scene, de-energized the house and shut off the gas to prevent an explosion.

The elderly woman was given over to the ambulance crew. At the moment her life and health are in no danger.

Thanks to the coordinated and operational actions of the police in an extreme situation, they managed to save the woman.

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