Police detained two residents of Trans-Baikal territory who stole money from accounts using a virus

Police officers stopped the activities of a group of people who stole money from citizens' accounts using malicious software.

During the year, two residents of the Trans-Baikal Territory aged 25 and 28, distributed malicious software (virus) to citizens' communication devices, thus, gaining access to their banking details. After that, the offenders stole the funds from the accounts by transferring them to other accounts or paying for on-line purchases of goods in on-line stores. Notifications about the withdrawal of funds were blocked by the malware and SMS messages were not received. Victims learned about the crimes committed against them after a long time when they personally contacted the bank.

According to preliminary data, the amount of material damage caused by the offenders exceeded one million rubles.

The suspects were prosecuted in accordance with the features of a crime stipulated by part 3 of Article 158 “Theft committed from a bank account”. The sanctions of this article stipulate a term of up to 6 years in prison. Placement to custody was selected as the preventive measure for the suspects for the period of the investigation.

Currently, investigative and operational measures are being taken to identify the victims.

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