Suspects of a robbery attack on a jewelry store were detained by the Police in the Ivanovo Region

The robbery attack was registered in the city of Privolzhsk, Ivanovo Region. Two men in medical masks entered a jewelry store. One of the attackers blocked the exit from the trade outlet, the second - threatening the sellers with a pistol, took the jewelry from the shelves, stuffing it into the pockets.  The thieves disappeared with the stolen gold chains and bracelets worth about 800 thousand rubles.

Sellers reported the incident to the police and tried to describe in detail the appearance of the suspects in the robbery. The entire staff of the local division of internal affairs was alerted, the orientation with descriptions were transferred to all the external police services. The operatives carefully worked out the possible escape routes of the criminals and on the bank of the river they found an air pistol, masks and clothes left by the suspects.  The policemen found the car in which the raiders moved, and when the suspects returned to the vehicle parked on the way out of the city, they were met by criminal investigation officers.  The suspects were detained. The stolen jewelry was seized from them.

The detainees were two natives of CIS countries aged 29 and 28. It turned out that the defendants arrived in Privolzhsk in a rented car from the Moscow Region, having planned the crime in advance.

The Investigators initiated a criminal case with regard to this fact under part 2 of Article 162 “Robbery”. Placement to custody was selected as the preventive measure for the detainees.

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