The Police detained a suspect in a series of street robberies in St. Petersburg

In January-February 2019, several women turned to the police of the Primorsky District with statements on the robbery. The applicants described in a very similar way the appearance of the robber and the methods of his attacks. Eight women aged from 26 to 64 became victims of the robberies.

The unknown offender operated mainly in the evening, attacked his victim from behind, hit them on the head and face and snatched away bags and mobile phones. The crimes were committed in the area of the Chernaya Rechka metro station: on the Lanskoye highway, the Savushkin Street, the Matrosa Zheleznyaka Street, Omskaya and Serdobolskaya streets. In most cases, the bags were found later near the crime scene. Valuable items disappeared from them: The offender was interested in money and mobile phones.

The offender was tracked down in the course of operational search activities by the staff of the district criminal investigation unit. One day, the police managed to detain the suspect “red handed” immediately after committing the crime. The detainee was a 22-year-old citizen of a Central Asian state, working as a handyman at a construction site in the same district. During a search of his hotel room, the police found and seized the stolen property.

On all the facts criminal cases under part 2 of Article 161 of the RF Criminal Code were initiated. The suspect has been arrested.

Currently, the police establish other episodes of the illegal activities of the detainee.

Dear citizens! If you or your relatives have suffered from the actions of this man, please contact the police by phone: 573-59-02.

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