Aleksandr Prokopchuk took part in the 24th INTERPOL African Regional Conference

Chief of the Russian Bureau of Interpol, Police Major-General Aleksandr Prokopchuk, as Interpol Vice-President for Europe, took part in the 24th Interpol African Regional Conference held in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali.

The conference was attended by leadership of the General Secretariat, members of the Interpol Executive Committee, representatives of law enforcement agencies of 42 member-states of the Organization, as well as a number of regional and international organizations.

The main topics of discussion were the fight against terrorism and organized crime, the intensification of cooperation of the Interpol member states, the strengthening of the capacity of African law enforcement agencies, the building of cooperation with Afripol and others.

The event was opened by the Prime Minister of Rwanda, Edward Ngirente. Addressing the delegates, he stated that all continents faced common threats from organized crime and terrorism. The identified negative phenomena also undermine the development of Africa. To stop and prevent these threats, there is an urgent need for close cooperation. “No country can single-handedly defeat crime.  We need closer regional and international cooperation,” Ngirente said. The Prime Minister also urged all participants of the regional conference to use Interpol tools more actively in the fight against the transnational crime.

On the first day of the session, the Secretary General of the Organization, Jürgen Stock, delivered a welcoming speech. In his speech, he specifically focused on projects and operations that had taken place last year on the continent with the coordinating role of Interpol.

Thus, the head of Interpol noted the effectiveness of operations “Usalama IV” and “Thunderstorm”, aimed at combating crimes against wildlife, “Trigger III” and “Epervier” aimed at combating the human trafficking, as well as “Lionfish” aimed at combating the drug trafficking.

Taking into account the relevance of the issue of combating cybercrime in Africa, the delegates of the forum discussed in detail the initiatives of Interpol in this area. It was noted that recently such illegal activities were becoming more and more organized and complex.

The fight against drug trafficking in the region is also called a priority of the Organization and the national law enforcement agencies of African states.

At the conference, delegates considered the issues of countering environmental crimes in the African region. It was noted that over the past year Interpol organized a number of operations aimed at curbing the illegal extraction of natural resources in Africa.

On his part, the Chief of the Russian Bureau of Interpol, Police Major-General Aleksandr Prokopchuk, expressed his readiness to provide African colleagues with expert support bearing in mind the positive experience accumulated by Russia in protecting rare species of animals from extermination.

On the side-lines of the event, bilateral meetings were held between the Chief of the Russian Bureau of Interpol, Aleksandr Prokopchuk, and the Secretary General of the Organization, Jürgen Stock, the leadership of the Rwandan law enforcement agencies and heads of delegations at the forum.

The parties reaffirmed the need for further unification of efforts for the purpose of an integrated approach to the fight against the international crime. The importance of coordinating joint activities in the fight against various types of crime, including in the framework of international anti-crime projects and Interpol operations, was noted.

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