Russian MIA made preliminary assessment of road accident rate during New Year vacations

According to the preliminary data, more than 1.7 thousand road accidents occurred in the country from January 1 to 8; 227 people died, over 2.5 thousand suffered injuries. As compared to 2018, accident rates in most Russian cities reduced.

The number of road accidents involving pedestrians was almost twice smaller than during the eight days of the last year. 451 road accidents were recorded that caused deaths of 48 people and injuries of 438 people.

However, the problem of driving drunk remained critical in the past holiday period.

Over 100 road accidents involving drunk drivers and 45 road accidents where drivers refused to undergo sobriety tests were recorded during the holiday period in Russia. 12 persons became victims of those road accidents; over 200 people suffered injuries.

In the new year, the Russian MIA will continue fighting against drunk drivers. Events aiming to identify drunk drivers will be regularly held in all regions of the country. Officers of the Traffic Police will continue mass checks, especially on days-off and holidays, both in large cities and in regional centers.

The Traffic Police urge all road users not to be indifferent to this problem and to report to the police about people who behave inadequately on the road and get behind the wheel being drunk. Road Police inspectors will take appropriate measures in response to all messages received.

Road accidents that entailed deaths and injuries of children who are most vulnerable road users occurred during the first days of the new year. Thus, during the first 8 days of the new year, 223 road accidents involving juveniles were recorded on Russian roads – they caused deaths of 10 children, and injuries of 259 children. An absolute majority of the children who died or were injured in those road accidents were vehicle passengers.

Adult road users were guilty of their deaths – they had driven in the oncoming traffic lane and had a head‑on collision with another car, or had lost control of a vehicle causing it to roll over, fall into the ditch or run into an obstacle. In some cases, children were transported by car without using child restraints and safety belts, often held in parents' arms or older relatives' arms.

It should be particularly noted that in most of the above cases road accidents were caused by wrong-way driving.

Once again, the Traffic Police of the Russian MIA urges drives to review their driving behavior and to be utterly attentive and careful on the road, especially when there is a child in a car.

The rules for children's transportation in a car shall be strictly observed. Children younger than 7 years may only be transported using child restraints. Children aged from 7 to 12 may be transported using child restraints or safety belts, and usage of child restraints is mandatory when a child is transported in the front seat of a car.

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