Criminal investigation officers solved a robbery attack against a pensioner in the Smolensk Region

The duty-unit of the MIA of Russia Division for the Smolensky District received a statement from a resident of a local village. The man born in 1945 said that he had become the victim of an armed attack.

Police officers immediately arrived at the address indicated in the message. Establishing the circumstances of the incident, the investigators found out that late at night someone knocked on the pensioner's house door, and the victim opened the door. Two masked men entered the dwelling, one of whom was holding an object similar to a gun in his hand. The attackers inflicted several blows to the owner of the house and tied him to a chair. Threatening with physical harm, they learned from the pensioner where he kept the keys to his car. The attackers took the mobile phone belonging to the victim, and stole the vehicle parked in the garage. The pensioner managed to get free and called the police from his neighbors.

Detectives conducted a complex of operational-search activities aimed at identifying the attackers. Police suspicion fell on two local residents, born in 1989 and 1996, who had been previously repeatedly prosecuted for property crimes and had been recently released from prison.

The stolen vehicle with broken glasses was discovered in one of the neighboring settlements. Detectives found that the attackers were hiding from law enforcers in the house of their girl-friend. Both were detained at the indicated address, and an air pistol was found and seized in the house.

When conducting a further check, the police revealed the detainees’ involvement in the theft from a grocery store.

With respect to the detainees the Investigation Division of the MIA of Russia for the Smolensky District initiated criminal cases on the grounds of the crimes stipulated by part 2 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code “Theft” and part 3 of Article 162 of the Criminal Code “Robbery”. The defendants face a possibility of up to 12 years in prison. Currently the selected preventive measure against them is the remand in custody.

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