In Kemerovo police officers helped the lost child to return to his mother

The police was approached by a local resident who reported the disappearance of her 4-year-old son. The police found out that the woman from Kemerovo had arrived with her child to visit her friends. While the woman was communicating with friends, the boy was sent to play in the yard. When the woman decided to return home, she did not find her son on the playground, her own efforts to find him gave no results. Then she turned for help to the police.

All the crews involved in the system of a single deployment were focused on the search for the missing underage. A few minutes later, juvenile inspectors found the child in the schoolyard, which was not far from the place of disappearance. The boy said that he had tried to look for his mother, but got lost.

Police officers returned the child to his mother and conducted a preventive conversation with her.

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