Residents of the Voronezh Region expressed their gratitude to the police precinct officer for help in extinguishing the fire

In the framework of celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Russian police, the MIA of Russia GA for the Voronezh Region holds the action “Thank you, policeman!” This time such words of gratitude were addressed by citizens to the police precinct officer in the Semiluksky District.

There, in an urban type settlement of Strelitsa, a fire of residential property occurred, which was preceded by a quarrel between the spouses. A woman, local resident, moved to Voronezh and filed for divorce. Her husband called, insisting on her return. When the persuasion did not help, the villager switched to actions. To return his wife, the spouse splashed a liquid solvent on the couch and set fire to their house.

The fire spread and threatened the houses located in the neighborhood. A resident of one of the houses called the fire department and the local police precinct officer. The police captain Andrey Liventsev arrived at the scene within two minutes. The policeman rushed into the house, led the arsonist into the street and took him to a safe distance. Quickly assessing the situation and connecting the irrigation hoses, the policeman with a resident of a neighboring house began eliminating the source of fire before the arrival of rescuers.

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