The police found an 81-year-old citizen of Astrakhan, with whom her niece had lost contact

In the evening, a 36-year-old resident of the Kirovsky District applied to the duty-unit of the police division No. 3 of the MIA Administration for the city with a statement on the loss of her relative. She said that when she came to visit her 81-year-old aunt, she did not find her at home. The niece specified that the single woman lived alone. She periodically visited the pensioner, bringing her food.

During interviews with neighbors, the police found out that the woman had been seen the last time two weeks ago. Five days after the search was started, the elderly citizen of Astrakhan was found in one of the medical institutions by criminal investigation officers. It turned out that after leaving the house, she had lost her memory. The aimlessly wandering woman was noticed by passers-by who called an ambulance.

She was taken to a hospital. Since she could not provide any information about herself and had no documents with her, the hospital staff was unable to notify relatives of her whereabouts.

Police officers found that no crimes or offenses were committed against the elderly woman. The niece thanked the police for their help in finding her aunt, with whom she had lost touch.

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