Vladimir Kolokoltsev spoke at the 1st All-Russian Forum of Search and Rescue Teams and presented awards to participants

Today, in the House of Government of the Moscow Region, the First All-Russian Forum of Search and Rescue Teams was held, at which the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev, presented the MIA Medal “For Valor in Service” to Mikhail Ivanov, criminal investigation operative officer of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Ryazan Region and breastplates of the MIA of Russia “For the assistance to the Ministry of Internal Affairs” to volunteers.

Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia stressed the importance of the forum taking place in the Year of the Volunteer and thanked the participants for their great work: “Only last year, with the assistance of volunteers, the location of several thousand people was established, almost a third of them were minors. You are doing the necessary and very important work. From you, without exaggeration, depends someone's life, especially when it comes to a missing child. The support that you give to the families of the searched for persons and to the police is difficult to overestimate.”

Vladimir Kolokoltsev drew attention to the fact that search operations often lasted for several days, and the more people were involved in them, the higher were the chances of preventing a tragedy.

For seven years, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been fruitfully cooperating with volunteer organizations. Almost in every second constituent entity of Russia cooperation agreements were concluded between the internal affairs bodies and regional volunteer movements.

In addition, the Minister suggested developing the partnership and increasing efforts in other areas of activity: “There are many interesting projects where you are in demand. First of all, it is the monitoring of the Internet for the purpose of detecting banned information, preventing of drug addiction and juvenile delinquency. We are ready to consider any initiatives and are interested in constructive dialogue.”

In conclusion, the Chief of the Ministry congratulated the awardees and wished them success and new achievements.

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