Teenagers of the Kaluga Region get acquainted with the rules of cyber security

The legal adviser on General Law of the MIA of Russia Inter-District Division “Lyudinovsky” Tatyana Fedorova conducted a cybersecurity lesson for teenagers attending a school ecological camp during the summer holidays. This event was organized in the framework of the All-Russian action “Safe Internet for Children”.

The teenagers, split into two teams, supported with pleasure the offer of the internal affairs officer. The questions presented in the form of a dialogue between characters of a well-known animation cartoon, attracted the interest of the teenagers. All without exception were involved in the discussion of problems associated with the use of “banned” for children programs, possible “virus attacks”, issues of polite communication with virtual friends and friends on the Internet, handling information coming from unknown sites and so on. As a result of the discussion, the children formulated together new rules for themselves, and then checked them with the correct answers on the screen. Members of a profile group “People” told the officer of the MIA of Russia Inter-District Division “Lyudinovsky” that on the site of their school there was a section “Information Security”, where school-students and their parents can get acquainted with recommendations for safe behavior in the Internet.

Along with that, Tatyana Fedorova reminded the children of safe behavior during the school holidays: observance of the traffic rules, the time they could spend in the street in the absence of parents, and also informed them of the grounds for bringing underage to criminal and administrative responsibility.

According to the feedback from the children, the conversation was very useful and relevant. After all, ignorance of common Law foundations often leads to rash actions. Therefore, timely useful information to children and adolescents can prevent certain life situations that arise from elementary ignorance of the law.

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