Police in the Republic of Karelia saved the life of a five-year-old boy

“Inspectors of the Detached Battalion of the Police Road Patrol Service of the MIA of Russia Administration for Petrozavodsk, Police Lieutenant Valery Koltsov and Police Junior Lieutenant Ruslan Nacharov saved the child's life, bringing him to the hospital within minutes,” reported the official representative of the MIA of Russia Irina Volk.

The family was heading for the dacha and in the car there were parents and three sons. In the evening on Shuiskoye highway one of five-year-old twins - Vladislav became ill. His breathing was difficult, the child lost consciousness. The boy's father stopped a passing car of the Road Patrol Service (RPS). Without losing a second, switching on the sound and light alarm, the police took the mother and the child to the nearest medical institution, where he was given timely assistance. At present, the child's health is no longer threatened.

“Officers of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate visited the rescued boy in the hospital and presented a gift - a toy RPS car. The mother, staying with her son in the hospital, thanked the policemen, noting the exactness and speed of their actions, as a result of which her son's life was saved,” Irina Volk added.

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