First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Gorovoy addressed the UN General Assembly

At the UN headquarters in New York, the 72nd session of the General Assembly was held, in which the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Police Colonel-General Aleksandr Gorovoy, who headed the Russian delegation, and the Chief of the General Administration for Protection of Public Order and Interaction with Executive Authorities of the Russian Federation Constituent Territories Major-General of Police Mikhail Chernikov participated.

At the meeting Aleksandr Gorovoy has presented the draft resolution “Improving road safety worldwide”, which reflects the progress achieved by the international community in the field of road safety, and is focused on enhancing multilateral cooperation in the interest of reducing the level of road traffic injuries, which is recognized as a serious challenge both in public health, and socio-economic development in general.

The draft was earlier discussed in detail during consultations of interested governments. The resolution calls on all the UN member countries to use in practice the World Health Organization's system of 12 global targets for risk factors that allow monitoring of progress in road safety not only at the national but also global and regional levels.

Aleksandr Gorovoy told delegations from around the world how Russia implements the set of measures to improve road safety. This work is carried out in pursuance of the decisions of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation on the basis of the federal targeted program to improve road safety until 2020 and the Road Safety Strategy in the Russian Federation for the period from 2018 to 2024. The focus is on six key areas, including the formation of a culture of road users' behavior and a due level of legal awareness; increase of protection from road accidents and their consequences for children and pedestrians, and also development of the system of rendering assistance to the victims. As part of the implementation of innovative projects, new opportunities are opening up to make the traffic safer, also by minimizing the impact of the human factor on the functioning of various systems.

It was noted that due to the measures taken in Russia, the number of people killed in car accidents in the last 6 years decreased by one third. During the same time, it became possible to reduce the death rate of vulnerable traffic participants: among minors ─ by a quarter, pedestrians ─ by one third, motorcyclists ─ twice. Progress was achieved in the conditions of intensive growth of the fleet of vehicles, which during the same period increased by 20 percent.

In his speech, the First Deputy Minister stressed that international cooperation in this area has grown considerably since the inclusion of road safety in the agenda of the General Assembly in 2003. So, following the results of the First World Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, held in Moscow in 2009, the UN General Assembly declared the period from 2011 to 2020 as the Decade of Action in this field. After the Second Conference in Brasilia in 2015, the process of practical implementation of steps to link the Decade of Action with the Goals of Sustainable Development began, which led to the launch of large-scale stabilization actions and the subsequent reduction in projected deaths in road traffic accidents.

According to Aleksandr Gorovoy, the purposeful steps of the world community have already brought positive results. Thus, over the past few years, many states have shown a tendency to reduce the level of deaths and injuries from traffic accidents.

The head of the Russian delegation expressed sincere gratitude to all the delegations that participated in the coordination of the draft resolution, noting in particular the significant contribution to the common work of colleagues from the World Health Organization and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Aleksandr Gorovoy urged all the UN member states to support the Russian resolution and invited them to become one of its co-authors.

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