Former head of a state cultural institution is accused of stealing 13 paintings and more than three million rubles

“Investigators of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Ulyanovsk Region have completed the preliminary investigation of a criminal case against the former head of a state cultural institution accused of fraud and theft,” said the official representative of the MIA of Russia Irina Volk.

“According to investigators, a 48-year-old citizen created a commercial organization, that later received funds from the federal budget for various events, which were held on the basis of and at the expense of the state institution headed by that citizen, and appropriated the money provided,” added Irina Volk.

In that way, in 2012, when preparing and holding an international forum of social workers in the Volga area, more than 1.5 million rubles were stolen. Following a similar scheme in 2013, about 1.6 million rubles were appropriated for the organization of an international museum festival of traveling exhibitions on the Volga.

In addition to that, in 2015, during an exhibition of a famous artist in the city of Ulyanovsk, the defendant committed the theft of four paintings worth in total more than nine million rubles.

“During the search in one of the non-residential premises belonging to the defendant in the criminal case, the police found and seized another nine paintings worth in total about 13 million rubles, as well as a 7 mm revolver of foreign manufacture using a 19th century factory technology, recognized as a firearm. Currently, all the 13 paintings have been returned to the owner,” added the MIA official representative.

The investigation unit of the Investigative Administration of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Ulyanovsk Region, charged the former head of the cultural institution under Part 4 of Art. 159, part 1 of Art. 285, part 4 of Art. 158, part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and a preventive measure was chosen against him in the form of a written undertaking not to leave and to ensure proper conduct.

At present, the preliminary investigation of the criminal case has been completed and sent to the regional prosecutor's office for coordination of the indictment.

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