A large consignment of drugs was seized by policemen in the Kemerovo Region

Drug control officers of the MIA of Russia Division for Mezhdurechensk received operational information about the forthcoming sale of a large consignment of drugs. During the operational-search activities, police officers established the suspect. That was an unemployed 20-year-old resident of Novokuznetsk. The police established surveillance for him and as a result he was detained when making caches of prohibited substances. The offender admitted that he was preparing for a non-contact sale of a batch of “salt”, spice and hashish.

During the search in the apartment, which the man rented specially for the storage and packaging of narcotic drugs, the police found and seized a total of 480 grams of drugs, as well as other evidence of his unlawful activities.

With respect to the detainee, a criminal case was initiated on the grounds of the crime provided for in part 3 of Art. 30 of the Criminal Code ─ paragraph “d” part 4 of Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Attempt on the illegal production, sale or transfer of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues on a large scale”. In accordance with the sanctions of this article, the maximum penalty is 20 years imprisonment. For the duration of the investigation, a preventive measure in the form of remand in custody was chosen for the defendant.

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