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In the Kemerovo Region, transport police officers initiated a criminal case on illegal fishing

In November of this year, officers of the Kemerovo linear police station, together with the fish protection workers, conducted raids a hundred kilometers away from the regional center.

Guardians of the order moved along the bank in a car, leading a covert observation of the motor boat, from which three unknown men were fishing. When the small vessel sailed to the bank, and was pulled into tow by a tractor, the transport police asked the fishermen to present documents and the vehicle with the cargo in it for inspection.

In three polymer bags stored on the boat, there were 547 fishes of various species, including 55 pikes, 480 perches, 5 burbots, 6 graylings and 1 taimen. The fish was caught with the help of an 80-meter small-mesh seine.

The poachers were two local residents 60 and 40 years old, as well as a 49-year-old guest who came for illegal fishing from Novosibirsk. The damage caused by the illegal extraction of aquatic biological resources amounted to about 25 thousand rubles.

At present, with respect to two residents of Kuzbass and a Novosibirsk resident, a criminal case has been initiated on the basis of the offense under Part 3 of Art. 256 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Illegal fishing of aquatic biological resources”. The sanction of this article provides for a punishment of up to five years of imprisonment.

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