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The head of the Russian MIA GA for Drug Control, Andrey Khrapov, at a meeting with journalists, talked about countering drug addiction among youths

Today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia hosted a press conference dedicated to combating the spread of illegal drugs among the youths. The event was attended by the Chief of the MIA of Russia GA for Drug Control Lieutenant-General of police Andrey Khrapov and the Acting Chief of the MIA of Russia Administration for Interaction with Civil Society Institutions and the Media, Colonel of Police Aleksandr Knyazev.

In his introductory remarks Andrey Khrapov noted that a meeting with journalists was taking place on a landmark day: “26 years ago, independent units for drug control were created in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Since last year, the main burden of the fight against the drug threat in our country was laid on the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

Annually about two hundred thousand drug offenses are registered In the Russian Federation. In the first ten months of this year, nearly 180,000 criminal acts related to drugs were registered, of which two-thirds were serious and very serious offences, and 843 facts of drug smuggling across the border of Russia were identified.

In 2017, in the territory of Russia there were detected and liquidated 112 illegal laboratories for the production of synthetic drugs and psychotropic substances. Over 90,000 citizens were brought to criminal responsibility for the commission of drug crimes.

“We pay special attention to bringing to justice the organizers and active participants of criminal groups and communities, which requires careful work on documenting the criminal activities,” Andrey Khrapov stressed.

In his speech, the Chief of the MIA of Russia GA for Drug Control dwelled in detail on the need for the formation of psychological immunity to the consumption of drugs in adolescents and young people.

“Measures are being taken to intensify the work in the field of anti-drug propaganda. In particular, the opportunities of such a format as Internet lessons on the topics “The role of youth organizations in the antinarcotic education of peers” and “Prevention of drug abuses among the youths” are used. Only last year the number of participants of such lessons was over 200 thousand people,” said Andrey Khrapov.

In all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the experience of conducting various preventive events is actively used, including “Tell us where the death is sold”, “Draftee”, “Children of Russia” and other actions that have proved their effectiveness.

Thus, during June 2017, more than 40,000 events were organized around the country dedicated to the International Day Against Drug Addiction and Illicit Drug Trafficking, attended by more than a million people.

In the first ten months of this year, the Ministry together with Roskomnadzor examined over 44,000 appeals, based on which 17,000 Internet sites disseminating prohibited information on the methods of acquiring or manufacturing drugs were blocked. As a result of the measures taken, illegal activities of 650 Russian Internet shops were stopped.

During the press conference, Andrey Khrapov answered numerous questions from journalists.

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