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One third of athletes of Russian MIA team have already become medalists at ХVII World Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles

State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Zubov spoke about the results of the Russian MIA team achieved during the first days of the ХVII World Police and Fire Games taking place in Los Angeles.

“As we expected, nearly one third of our athletes have already become medalists at the Games. Weightlifting, shooting and judo are the sports where we have demonstrated very good results. We hope for the win in hockey. As the head of the delegation, I am pleased with the athletes. It is noticeable that Russia enjoys respect and authority in the professional police community. I assume that we'll see a lot of interesting moments before the end of the competitions,” emphasized Igor Zubov.

The fourth day of the police Olympics opened with a semi-marathon in the Griffith Park. The 21 km 300 m distance was abound in steep rises and sharp slopes. It was challenging for our athletes to maintain an even pace because they had mainly trained in conditions of a plain. Despite the difficulties, the Russians won five medals. Children's inspector from Naberezhnye Chelny of the Republic of Tatarstan Police Captain Irina Permitina received the gold medal. Her result was also recorded in the score of female teams composed of three women. Finally, she stepped to the top of the winners' podium for the second time, having shared it with the compatriots: Police Senior Sergeant Lyubov Morgunova (Internal Affairs Administration in the Moscow Metro) and Captain of Internal Service Viktoriya Zhuravel from the Astrakhan Region.

Police Senior Sergeant Elena Egorova from Izhevsk of the Udmurt Republic and earlier mentioned Lyubov Morgunova also became medalists in that discipline. А bronze medal was awarded to professor of the Professional Training Center Colonel of Internal Service Valentin Andreev.

Later, two Moscow teams played hockey matches in the 35+ and 18+ age categories in The Rinks Lakewood Ice sports complex.

Our athletes secured confident wins in both hockey matches. The youth team pummeled the American firefighters' team 7:0, and their elder comrades gained a victory over Los Angeles policemen having beaten them 10:0.

On the same day, judoists competed for sets of medals in another part of the city in the Convention Center sports complex. Professor of the Special Training Subdepartment of the Ufa Institute of Law of the Russian MIA Rustem Arslanov did not give any chance to win to his rivals.

The strong man competed in the 100+ kg weight category and had six fights in several minutes. He needed no more than a couple of minutes to defeat each of his opponents having floored them or locked them into a painful hold. The Russians won six more gold medals, one silvers and four bronzes in that sports.

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