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Over 500 bushes of drug-containing plants were confiscated and destroyed by police in Jewish Autonomous Region

The Division for Drug Control of the Russian MIA Division for the Obluchensky District was informed on the involvement of the owner of a private house in possessing and cultivating narcotic-containing plants.

The police arrived at the specified address to check the reported information. In the course of inspection of the area, officers of the internal affairs bodies detected hemp bushes at the household plot of that resident of Obluchye. The police together with an agronomist established that the land plot owner had thoroughly looked after the plants. Policemen detected signs of cultivation of the narcotic-containing plant – the hemp bushes were well-managed and weeded.

The police found similar plants in the house where the malefactor had arranged everything necessary for their processing. In the presence of witnesses, the policemen confiscated 500 hemp bushes from the household area, as well as utensils and chemicals for manufacturing narcotic substances at home.

The household plot owner explained to the police that he had cultivated the prohibited plants for personal consumption. Policemen are now checking that information.

The authorities initiated criminal cases against the suspect based on essential elements of crimes stipulated by Part 1 Article 231 “Illegal cultivation of plants containing narcotic substances in a large amount” and Part 1 Article 228 “Illegal purchase, storage, carriage, production, processing of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues” of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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