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Russian MIA team won 11 medals in freestyle wrestling

On the third day of the competitions of the ХVII World Police and Fire Games, members of the Russian MIA team triumphed in freestyle wrestling and swimming.

The freestyle wrestling competitions took place at the Convention Center located in the center of Los Angeles. The team captain – Police Major Alexey Varlamov from the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic who competed in the weight category of up to 70 kg and the 40+ age category won the final fight against American Patrick Higa and earned gold. He also competed in the 50+ age category in the same weight, where he won his second gold medal. Inspired by Alexey Varlamov's wins, his five countrymen demonstrated their will to win in the situation of a keen rivalry and became prizewinners of the world championship. Those are Timofey Egorov - gold winner, Alexey Shkulev, Egor Rozhin and Eduard Burtsev who became silver medalists, Aleksandr Zakharov and Petr Nikulin who won bronze medals.

Two representatives of the MIA for the Republic of Dagestan – brothers Lieutenant-Colonel Ramis Ramazanov and Police Major Renat Ramazanov also climbed to the top of the winners' podium. That was already the second gold medal for Ramis. Yesterday, he became the champion in Greco-Roman wrestling. Another silver medal was won by Police Lieutenant-Colonel Svetlana Marchenkova.

The swimming competitions were held in an open swimming pool. Representative of the Saint Petersburg police administration Darya Kartashova and Valery Permyakov from the Primorsky Territory also distinguished themselves in the swim: they triumphed in 50 m butterfly swimming. Student of the V. Ya. Kikot Moscow University of the Russian MIA Anastasiya Serpionova won silver.

Police Sergeant Kira Volodina from the Ulyanovsk Region won the 400 m free style swim among women in the 30–34 age category. She covered the distance in 4 minutes and 25.98 seconds. In the 18–24 group, gold was won by representative of the Russian MIA Administration for the Kostroma Region Valeriya Kolotushkina: her result is 4.41.66. She shared the winners' podium with officer of the Internal Affairs Administration in the Moscow Metro Mariya Reznikova who became the bronze medalist and Ekaterina Kudinova from the Moscow police administration who won silver.

The program of the Games for tomorrow includes competitions in hockey, shooting, box and athletics. Fights for prize-winning places in judo will also start tomorrow.

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