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MIA of Russia hosted a press conference of the heads of the General Administration for Migration Issues

Today the Chief of the Russian MIA GAMI, Police Colonel Olga Kirillova, her deputy Police Colonel Valentina Kazakova and the official representative of MIA of Russia, Police Colonel Irina Volk, held a press conference "Migration processes in the context of globalization" in the press center of the Ministry.

Olga Kirillova noted that the migration processes in the Russian Federation are still one of the main factor that has a significant impact on the demographic and socio-economic situation. "Due to what is happening in the world, we have no right to weaken the migration control. Because the threat of terrorism remains very real, and so the entire force unit needs to join forces and prevent, if possible, entry of people with dark past or dark thoughts into the country," she said.

As of January 1, 2017, there were 9.7 million foreign citizens in our country. Yet, 85.1% of them are citizens of CIS countries. The main purposes of foreigners to arrive to Russia are work and tourism.

According to the Chief of the Russian MIA GAMI, over the last five years the tendency of growth in the acquisition a citizenship of the Russian Federation remains. In 2016, more than 265 thousand people acquired it.

Focusing on the reform of migration units with regard to their inclusion in the structure of MIA of Russia in 2016, Olga Kirillova stressed out that the last organizational arrangements did not affect the quality of services in the migration field. Consolidation of supervisory powers in one unit excluded the existing duplication of functions to control the stay of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation. Now the police have a wide range of tools for monitoring the migration situation and making the necessary decisions.

Representatives of the Media were informed about the main rates of the activities of migration units in 2016. Thus, 420,400 activities were taken to identify the facts of violation of migration legislation. 474,8 thousand administrative offenses connected with the stay and living of foreign citizens and people without citizenship in the Russian Federation, the labor of foreign workers have been revealed. According to the materials of units on migration affairs of the Territorial divisions of the MIA of Russia, 55.2 thousand foreign citizens were administratively removed from the Russian Federation, one third of which (16.9 thousand people) - in the form of forced movement across the state border.

Answering questions of journalists, Olga Kirillova told about the work of migration units on granting patents to foreign citizens for labor activity. "The patent system allowed in those entities where they really saw its importance and usefulness, choose authorized organizations that participate in the process," she emphasized. "In monetary terms for 2016, we collected 45 billion rubles. This is 11,5 billion rubles more than a year earlier."

The progress and implementation of the program of compatriots resettlement and the situation related to the quota of permits for temporary residence in entities of the Russian Federation were also touched upon.

Valentina Kazakova, in turn, explained the procedure for acquiring the citizenship of the Russian Federation, a residence permit, and notifying the competent authorities about a second citizenship. In addition, she reported about the measures taken by migration units to solve issues in various regions of our country, in particular, in Republic of Crimea.

At the end of the press conference Olga Kirillova thanked the representatives of the Media for the constant high interest in the activity of the Russian MIA GAMI and wished professional success.

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