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In Stavropol Territory, police officers detained suspects in a series of burglaries

Officers of Administration of Criminal Investigation of the General Directorate of MIA of Russia in Stavropol Territory have detained suspects in a series of thefts from houses.

Theft of property was committed in different cities and districts of the region. The victims suffered material damage amounting more than five hundred thousand rubles.

The police conducted the necessary examinations, as well as other investigative actions and operational activities aimed to collect evidences.

Analyzing the crimes committed, the investigators and criminal investigation officers found that they were all committed in one way: the malefactors got into the houses by pressing plastic windows out of its frames and stole various properties. The prey of suspects was money, jewelry and furs, various equipment and clothing.

As a result of the operational combination, the criminal investigation officers identified and blocked the car which the intruders were using. During carrying out a personal search at the place of detention, stolen property were found in the suspects’ bag.

In the course of further ascertaining the circumstances of the crimes commission, the operatives found out that some of the stolen gold jewelry had been sold by the intruders at the points of buying up jewelry, and the received money they spent according to their wishes.

In all cases of theft of property, criminal cases have been instituted, an investigation is being conducted. The court adopted detention as a preventive measure against the citizens.

Currently, criminal investigation officers found that the detainees committed six thefts. The work on establishing their involvement in the commission of similar crimes on the territory of the region is continuing.

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