18 August 2014 13:08
Policemen of the Investigation Unit of the Linear Division for Water Transport of the Russian MIA initiated a criminal case against Director General of LLC Rechturflot suspected of a fraud. The Director General had gained over 26 million roubles for sale of the faked trips, and used the money at his own convenience.
18 August 2014 12:57 1
The policemen established that a married couple residing in Tuapse had been attacked by two men in the area of the Chibiysky main channel. The malefactors had brutally beaten up the spouses, after which escaped by car.
18 August 2014 12:31
A woman notified the duty unit of the Saint Petersburg Linear Administration that she was attendant of a nine-year old girl with disabilities. The woman accompanied her in the trip from Anapa at the request of the girl's father who should have met his daughter upon their arrival to Saint Petersburg.
18 August 2014 12:10
The suspect was detained when he tried to pay for goods with a counterfeit 5,000 rouble note.
18 August 2014 11:07
He thought that his call to the police about an allegedly planted bomb would negatively affect his competitors' earnings. A taxi driver had a quarrel with his colleagues working in the airport landside area. 
18 August 2014 10:53
64 locals suffered from the malefactors' unlawful activity. The damage exceeded 150 million roubles.
18 August 2014 09:43
Criminal investigation policemen detained the suspects in January 2014. Three of them were arrested. The investigators proved seven incidents of the criminal activity of the group.
15 August 2014 12:20
A woman notified the duty unit of the police division for village Usolye of the Perm Territory about the disappearance of her 6-year old grandson. The boy was searched all night long. By now, he has been delivered to his relatives.
15 August 2014 12:00
The policemen convoyed the suspect – a 40-year old local resident – to the police division. The man explained that he was working at a service station and had stolen a car to joy-ride around the city. After the collision, he had escaped the scene of the accident.
15 August 2014 11:55
The investigation revealed that tenants had moved out from the dwelling place leased out by the convict at the beginning of the year, and the unemployed man had lost his only source of income. To improve his financial position, the man found a buyer and sold his dwelling.
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