11 April 2014 08:47 3
Organizers of the "Slow down!" large-scale social campaign have announced the start of the "Safety Vest" contest . Pedestrians are invited to take care of their own safety and to create their design of a vest with retroreflectors.
10 April 2014 15:15 2
Employees of the Traffic Police Administration of the MIA General Administration for the Perm Territory Arthur Sagidullin and Ivan Ushakov recorded the "Slow down!" hip-hop track devoted to the eponymous All-Russia campaign and aimed at reducing the number of casualties- pedestrians hit on street crossings.
10 April 2014 12:30 1
Presidential Decree awarded the medal "For the salvation of perishing" to Detective of the MIA Criminal Investigation Division, Police Lieutenant Dmitry Strunin.
10 April 2014 11:35
Precinct police officers during the search of a suspect in the theft from the territory of an agricultural enterprise found more than 10 kilograms of sturgeon. The man - a resident of Kamyzyak could not provide any documents for this product.
10 April 2014 09:50
During special events the police found that this foreign-made car is on the internationally wanted list since 2007. Currently, police officers are preparing the necessary notification about the detection of the wanted vehicle to inform the initiator of Investigation - Japan.
10 April 2014 09:45
In transactions the transfer of forest products took place only on paper. All the costs of production and storage of products were born by the state institution, while all the profits came to the accounts of the limited liability company.
10 April 2014 09:30
Criminal investigation officers found him near the city bus station. The man wanted to get home, however, due to the loss of memory he was unable to find the way on his own.
10 April 2014 09:12
Employees of the MIA General Administration for the Central Federal District in the City of Moscow detained citizens of Tajikistan attempting to sell one kilogram of heroin .
09 April 2014 15:15
As part of the preventive measures aimed at identifying counterfeit goods, officers of the MIA for Tatarstan checked Kazan major points of sale. The checks showed that not all the sellers perform their duties conscientiously.
09 April 2014 15:00
Officers of the Administration for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the MIA General Administration for the Saratov Region, together with the Division of Economic Crime and Combating the Corruption of the MIA Interdistrict Administration "Engelsskoye" detained two residents of the city a 22-year-old man, and a 44 - year-old woman on suspicion of selling counterfeit 5000 rubles banknotes.
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