14 April 2014 11:55
Police bodies on transport this year brought to administrative responsibility about 30 thousand people for violating the ban on tobacco smoking in transport.
14 April 2014 11:09
In the daytime a crew of Patrol and Inspection Service for the Chegem District, was driving in the town of Chegem along their patrol route. In the street the policemen noticed a boy who was walking alone in a strong squall. Frightened eyes of the child attracted the attention of police employees.
14 April 2014 10:47 18
Among more than one hundred creative works there can be seen both fine reproductions of famous paintings and Tyumen landscapes, embroidered and painted still lives, knitted garments, woven decoration elements and even forged metal art panels.
14 April 2014 09:10
Investigators of the MIA Administration for the Primorsky Territory proved the involvement of the criminal community organizers to 13 episodes of criminal activity. The damage caused to the forest fund of the Russian Federation, is estimated at 57 million rubles.
14 April 2014 09:00
In late January of this year to the customs post EMS «Post of Russia" there arrived an international parcel from China, which, according to operative information, contained drugs. When the parcel was opened there was found a plastic bag with powdered substance of beige color. The powder was seized and sent for analysis.
11 April 2014 14:53 1
Delegates of the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly unanimously approved the draft resolution on improving road safety worldwide developed by the Russian Federation.
11 April 2014 14:30
The National Central Bureau of Interpol with the MIA of Russia sent documents for putting Dmitry Yarosh on the Interpol list of internationally wanted persons.
11 April 2014 14:21 1
The MIA of Russia held a meeting of the working group for improving the governance, implementing the projects in the field of cross-border cooperation, ensuring state security and public safety of the State Commission for celebration of 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia, which was chaired by the head of this group, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Police Colonel-General Vladimir Kolokoltsev.
11 April 2014 13:05
In Votkinsk, employees of the Traffic Police, with the participation of kindergarten children, held preventive raids near pedestrian crossings within the framework of the "Slow down!"social campaign.
11 April 2014 11:02
During the personal search of a 23-year-old Tajik citizen there was found a package with a powdery substance that was seized and sent for investigation. It was established that the seized substance was a heroin containing mixture weighing 2 kilograms 390 grams, and intended for subsequent sale.
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