16 April 2014 10:35
In 7 constituent territories of the Russian Federation there were held 8 football matches of the 25th round of the Russian Football Premier League Championship. The games attracted over 80,000 spectators.
15 April 2014 15:36
At the moment a criminal case under the Criminal Code article "Evasion of customs duties, committed on a large scale." has been initiated against the head of the commercial organization.
15 April 2014 14:18
MIA of Russia has prepared a draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation, which shall amend the Traffic Rules of the Russian Federation.
15 April 2014 12:18
Upon inspection of the warehouse there were found printing products illegally bearing trademarks of well-known manufacturers, intended for packaging the telephone accessories, as well as fake holographic stickers with non-existent serial numbers and rechargeable batteries.
15 April 2014 10:47
In the town of Babaevo of the Vologda Region a police raid checking the compliance with the immigration legislation identified a fact of migration cards’ forgery.
15 April 2014 10:37
Officers of the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption and Administration for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the General Administration for the City of Moscow with the assistance of the security service of the FTS of Russia detained the deputy head and head of division of field audits of the Moscow metropolitan inspectorate No 36 of the FTS of Russia when they were receiving three million rubles of illegal remuneration.
14 April 2014 18:00 8
The object of their creative work was an ordinary road sign indicating a pedestrian crossing. Instead of an icon - a walking man - in a white triangle there have been drawn children with their names indicated. This makes each memo not just a piece of paper, but a personal appeal of a real child to a driver.
14 April 2014 15:20
In Zheleznovodsk and in the village of Inozemtsevo in crowded places the police installed boxes for anonymous messages. Every citizen can report on the places of manufacture, distribution, illegal possession and use of drugs, and on drug stashes.
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