09 October 2014 16:24
Ten members of an interregional organized group, including residents of Udmurtia, Bashkiria and the Chelyabinsk Region were detained during 24 hours in Izhevsk.
09 October 2014 13:33 3
The Road Patrol Service of the Traffic Police together with the preschool institutions carried out an event named “Road Safety March with Young Experts of Traffic Rules” in Zeya of the Amur Region. The campaign was aimed to promote road safety and reduce children's traffic injuries.
09 October 2014 12:47
Over the period from July 2013 until January 2014, the accused persons stole money from 37 bankcards of residents of different regions of Russia – the Moscow Region, Kirov Region, Orenburg Region, Murmansk Region, and the Chuvash Republic.
09 October 2014 12:15
Policemen actively participate in preschool and school teacher-parent meetings. In one of the kinder gardens of Naryan-Mar, policemen carried out an event aimed to prevent children’s road injuries.
09 October 2014 11:32
Dancing, the children demonstrated potential fraud-related situations. Over 80 children drew the attention of hurrying passers-by for several minutes having made them think over their safety.
09 October 2014 10:15 3
Policemen of Intermunicipal Division “Osinsky” of the Russian MIA held the “Holiday of Autumn” for the children who had faced hardships. Parents of such children were also invited at the event.
09 October 2014 09:49
Administration “K” of the Russian MIA has suppressed the activity of an organized group whose members are suspected of telephone fraud.
09 October 2014 09:35
120 upper-grade pupils divided into 12 teams took part in the game. The participants were to pass through 17 stations and complete rather difficult tests for knowledge of the health and safety fundamentals. 
08 October 2014 16:33 3
In one of the kindergartens of Kudymkar, the Perm Territory, Traffic Police inspectors organized a sports and cognitive play. The event was aimed at the prevention of child road traffic injuries.
08 October 2014 15:14 4
In the settlement of Nikel, the Murmansk Region, children from the squad of young traffic inspectors of school number 20 and the Police organized a flash mob "Being a kid should not hurt."
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