04 February 2014 15:45
There has been organized the turn of duty of internal affairs officers in the abandoned village in order to protect the property of its residents.
04 February 2014 15:28 3
In the luggage of this passenger the police found a cache which contained a bundle of hashish weighing 91.8 grams.
04 February 2014 12:02 4
In the course of the operational-investigative activities the police in the town of Nizhny Lomov found in two garages over two thousand bottles of vodka of unknown origin.
03 February 2014 15:43
The competition will be attended by representatives of 82 teams from departments and educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, located in the territory of Russia. In the course of three days of competitions about 800 participants of the Championship will appear on the tatami. The MIA Main Administration in the Nizhny Novgorod will be represented by a team of seven athletes.
03 February 2014 14:30
In the Tyumen District of the Tyumen Region there was detained a 38-year-old man suspected in illegal felling of more than 158 cubic meters of forest to a total of about 900 thousand rubles.
03 February 2014 10:58
Today the oldest transport policeman of the country militia lieutenant-colonel in retirement Danil Ivanovich Tymoshenko turned 104 years old.
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