28 April 2014 14:27 8
Within the framework of the "Teenager" operation, officers of the MIA for the Republic of Adygea  held an action called "From Dream to Victory." The participants were students of the Maikop special vocational school of a closed type, located in the village of Novosevastopolskaya of the Krasnogvardeisky District.
28 April 2014 12:17 2
This past weekend in several Russian regions there were held events marking  the start of the 2014 motor-season.  In Moscow on the Vorobyovy Gory the metropolitan traffic police together with the "Night Wolves" Motor-club held a ceremony of opening the motor-season and the season of spring-summer patrolling.
25 April 2014 12:29 4
"Good road for a Pedestrian "- this was the name of a gaming class, organized with the participation of the Murmansk Police for pupils of pro-gymnasium number 24 within the framework of the "Slow down!" social campaign and a "Pedestrian" preventive operation.
25 April 2014 10:00
In the Sverdlovsk Region due to a sharp deterioration in weather conditions the Traffic Police monitors the situation and assists drivers. All the traffic patrol crews of the region have been focused on helping the traffic participants who find themselves in a difficult situation.
25 April 2014 09:09
Officers of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation Department in cooperation with the staff of the Russian FSB ESS with the assistance of the Russian FCS, Sheremetyevo customs and the MIA General Administration for Transport detained members of an ethnic criminal group suspected of organizing the supply of cocaine from Ecuador to Russia by air transport.
25 April 2014 09:04 1
The topic of safety of motorcycles' drivers and passengers becomes particularly important in spring, at the beginning of the motor-season. Just at this time there appear on the Russian roads a large number of two-wheelers, of which motorists have forgotten during the winter season.
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