14 August 2014 11:54 7
4 best inquiry officers of the country participated in the tests of the contest demonstrating their level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in legislation, medicine, forensic science, their physical fitness and weapons proficiency.
14 August 2014 10:30
During the campaign, the children answered the policemen's questions on the Road Rules, performed situation tasks on the theme of safety, participated in quizzes, and painted agitation posters encouraging for a healthy lifestyle.
14 August 2014 10:20 3
At stream Oleniy 120 km away from the town of Susuman of the Magadan Region, policemen of the Administration for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the Russian MIA Administration for the Magadan Region detected and confiscated over 400 grams of industrial gold illegally mined and stored by a gold digger.
14 August 2014 10:04 9
Policemen carried out information and play event “Safety on Transport” in Saint Petersburg.  About 100 juveniles aged 14 – 17 actively participated in the learning game.
14 August 2014 09:39
The Rowing and Canoeing World Cup finished in Moscow. The national team included 10 servicemen of the Russian MIA Internal Troops.
13 August 2014 17:30
Criminal investigation policemen detained a 29-year old resident of the Tyumen Region and confiscated 15 kilos of a synthetic drug from him. A criminal case was initiated against the detained man.
13 August 2014 14:51
The eighth regular summer session of students of the only youth military-patriotic camp in Russia “Courage Vector” was carried out during the period of August 2 – 13, 2014 on the base of Special Rapid Response Unit “Vector” of the Russian MIA General Administration for the Volgograd Region. The session was organized directly in the location of the combat unit.
13 August 2014 13:10
Personnel of the Traffic Police Administration of the MIA for North Ossetia and activists of the Union of Children's and Teenagers' Organizations of the Republic held the joint campaign. The event was timed to the International Youth Day and took place at the Zhukovsky and Khetagurov recreation parks.
13 August 2014 10:41
Policemen detained a resident of Kazan returning from Moscow who was transporting about six kilos of synthetic drugs at check point “Malinovka” in the Verkhneuslonsky District of the Republic of Tatarstan.
13 August 2014 09:43
Policemen of the General Administration of Criminal Investigation of the Russian MIA together with officers of the National Central Bureau of Interpol of the Russian MIA detained an internationally wanted man in an airport of Moscow.
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