28 January 2014 14:38 2
The administration of the MIA GATS in the Chelyabinsk Region received a letter of gratitude from a woman, resident of Miass. She thanked the officers of the MIA GATS regiment of the MIA General Administration in the Chelyabinsk Region for assistance to her relatives, who had found themselves in a difficult situation on the road "M-5 Ural".
28 January 2014 14:00
Investigation unit at the Investigation Administration of MIA Administration in the city of Tomsk completed the investigation of 34 criminal cases on a series of thefts of car wheels.
28 January 2014 13:48
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has prepared a draft departmental Order "On Amendments to the Order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia No 185 of March 2, 2009 "On approval of the MIA Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for execution of state functions of controlling and supervising the compliance with the requirements of traffic participants in the area of traffic safety."
28 January 2014 09:55
According to the preliminary data it has been found that since early 2013 in the territory of Voronezh the malefactors committed more than 15 burglaries of safes in which there were between 100 and 800 thousand rubles.
27 January 2014 16:16 2
A criminal case has been initiated based on the fact of counterfeit money sale. Arrest has been selected as the prevention measure with regard to the three suspects.
27 January 2014 14:48
During the investigation of the crimi nal case initiated against a 43-year-old man, the police uncovered the fact of illegal possession by him of weapons and ammunition.
27 January 2014 14:10
The police seized a large shipment of 25,000 bottles of alcoholic beverages of different brands. The preliminary amount of damage exceeds 5 million rubles.
27 January 2014 13:38 2
The driver explained to the policemen that he was driving in his car down the steppe road, then he got lost, and his car was stuck in the snow. The car battery and the battery of his mobile phone were quickly exhausted.
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