09 September 2014 12:16 3
Crews  of the rally are composed of the staff of the MIA Joint Editorial Board and MIA veterans. This year, the unique action is attended by a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.
09 September 2014 11:17
ccording to the preliminary information, the total damage exceeded 5 million rubles.
09 September 2014 09:04 4
Employees of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation  stopped the activities of an interregional organized group, whose members are suspected of car thefts.
09 September 2014 08:57 1
During the preventive operations of "Putina-2014" in the waters of the Amur watershed there was received a message from "Trans-Amur-2" freighter in distress  with a request for help.
08 September 2014 16:12 3
In the Vozhegda District of the Vologda Region, the Traffic Police conducted a preventive action "Safe roads to children." The main participants of the action were fourth-year pupils of the local secondary school.
08 September 2014 15:40 2
Residents of the Krasnoyarsk District were able to ask their questions to the chiefs of the district police, get  legal advice, participate in a "round table" and discuss acute issues of the fight against corruption 
08 September 2014 13:21
The suspects have been detained. A criminal case was initiated on to the fact of illegal drug trafficking and drug possession.
08 September 2014 11:48 3
Employees of the MIA Linear Division for Transport in Chita organized and held an open lesson with the title "The train of my dreams" for pupils of the secondary school number 5 in Chita, located near the railway facilities.
08 September 2014 11:05
A study found that in the polymer capsules there was a narcotic - a heroin containing mixture. The total weight of the seized narcotic was more than 700 grams.
08 September 2014 09:18 3
Officers of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation stopped the activities of an international organized ethnic group.
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