23 June 2015 12:19
Serviceman of the detached battalion of the Patrol and Inspection Service of the MIA Administration for the city of Chita, patrolling the municipal beach on Lake Kenon, heard cries for help. The police saw a man drowning in the water and rushed to his aid.
23 June 2015 11:26 2
For effective teaching the skills of safe behavior on the road to the teenagers,  in the yard of the Bolshekamensk school number 2 there appeared a crossroad, which was different from the real ones only by the lack of road signs. During school holidays at this crossroads Traffic Police inspectors of the MIA Intermunicipal Division "Bolshekamensky" held an inter-camp game-competition on the prevention of traffic accident "Attention, the road!"
23 June 2015 10:50 4
In the competitions the pupils of Tchusovoy kindergartens  demonstrated their knowledge of the Traffic Rules and the ability to ride a bike.
23 June 2015 10:39
"Welcome to the car seat!" - this was the title of a master class organized and conducted in Mozdok by Traffic Police officers, together with representatives of the Public Council with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania in the Mozdoksky District and representatives of the Administration of the urban settlement.
23 June 2015 10:22
In the final fight in the weight category of over 100 kilograms in 2 minutes 12 seconds, he beat Azeri athlete Vasif Safarbaev.
23 June 2015 09:16
Police officers detained suspects of organization of drug trafficking and liquidated a laboratory for the production of narcotic  - amphetamine.
23 June 2015 08:27
The event was held among educational institutions of the Karagaisky District. Throughout the school year on a monthly basis under the guidance of teachers, school-students were preparing school wallpapers.
22 June 2015 15:46
On the eve of the Day of Memory and Grief police officers, along with their children and veterans lit  over 15 thousand candles in the hero cities and towns of Military Glory in memory of the fallen soldiers.
22 June 2015 13:55 3
Children with great pleasure and zeal passed all the tests, for which they were rewarded with gifts and sweet prizes.
22 June 2015 11:09 7
Under the guidance of the police, the kids study the legislation of our country, the Traffic Rules, as well as get acquainted with the work of internal affairs bodies.
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