10 September 2014 12:38
In 15 Traffic Police patrol cars there have been already installed mobile terminals for the payment of fines, and in the near future 132 more cars will be equipped with them.
10 September 2014 11:53
The suspect was detained by officers of the administration of economic security and combating the corruption  of the MIA General Administration for the Kemerovo Region in the "Domodedovo" airport of Moscow.
10 September 2014 11:22
Officers of Police Division number 2, of the MIA Administration for the city of Murmansk detained a suspect in marketing a strong narcotic substance on a large scale.
10 September 2014 10:48
Having learned the features of the child from the pensioner,   private security employees organized a search for the child. Soon, the police found him on the playground in one of the courtyards.
10 September 2014 10:03 1
Organizers of the action not only donated blood for those who needed it, but called all the road users, drivers and pedestrians to doing this as well handing to them symbolic bright red balls shaped as a heart.
09 September 2014 13:19
The boys were found 18 kilometers away from their village.
09 September 2014 13:02 5
At the memorial military cemetery of the city police officers paid tribute to the memory of OMON servicemen killed in the line of duty.
09 September 2014 12:51 2
In an apartment, rented by a 35-year-old unemployed woman, the police seized 1 kilogram 120 grams of heroin.
09 September 2014 12:40 6
In the city of Cherepovets, the Vologda Region, there took place the opening ceremony of a Developing Complex on Traffic Rules for children with disabilities. This gift was given to children of the rehabilitation center "Preodolenie (Overcoming)".
09 September 2014 12:33 2
Near the educational institution pupils and their parents were met by an unusual patrol - a fabulous hero - bear Mikhailo Potapych and a Traffic Police officer.
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