25 June 2015 09:14 7
With genuine interest  the students of the "Police Academy" got acquainted with the contents of the bag of a criminal expert  and were able to observe how the expert identifies traces at the scene.
25 June 2015 09:00
Officers of the Administration for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the MIA Administration for the Smolensk Region revealed a fact of infringement of copyright and related rights. on a large scale.
25 June 2015 08:46 4
They told the teenagers about the legal responsibility of underage for illegal actions and the dangers of using narcotic and psychotropic substances.
24 June 2015 14:33
On the eve of the International Day Against Drugs officers of the MIA Division in Zheleznovodsk, together with teachers of an educational institution held for children of the school-based summer camp a campaign "I choose life!"
24 June 2015 14:24
Joseph Kikozashvili found guilty of committing a fraud  on a large scale as part of a group of people and sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three years and six months, was extradited from the Czech Republic to Russia.
24 June 2015 14:20 2
Officers of the Traffic Police in the framework of preventive action "Attention - Summer!" held an event  called "Road alphabet" for pupils of the kindergarten of the Voronino village of the Tomsk Region.
24 June 2015 12:53 3
The Police prepared for the kids an entertaining and informative program that included various contests and quizzes.
24 June 2015 12:17 3
Young amateur detectives  with great attention listened to the description of the forensic expert's actions at the scene.
24 June 2015 11:52 8
In the Center of social and psychological assistance to families and youth of the city of Birobidzhan, the Police held an action timed to the International Day against Drug Addiction and Drug Trafficking.
24 June 2015 10:12
Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of the MIA for the Republic of Udmurtia detained a 62-year-old Turkish citizen, declared wanted by the competent authorities of Turkey for a particularly serious crime.
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