26 June 2015 15:00 6
In Chelyabinsk, near the Palace of Pioneers the Police held an event to mark the International Day Against Drug Addiction. About two hundred pupils of the city aged from 13 to 15 years took part in the event.
26 June 2015 13:39 4
In Sambo competitions in the weight category of up to 74 kg bronze medal was won by Police Lieutenant Azamat Sidakov. Gold medal for the Russian team was brought by Police Junior Lieutenant Kamal Khan-Magomedov, who had become the European champion in judo in the weight category up to 66 kg.
26 June 2015 13:10 4
The police of the Prokhladnensky District of the republic create summer mobile driving sites, to ensure that during the holidays the children would spend their leisure time usefully and would not lose the skills of safe behavior and orientation on the road.
26 June 2015 12:41 2
Based on the school camp of one of the secondary schools in the city of Pyatigorsk the Police conducted a campaign "Life without addiction", which included a merry sport relay for children.
26 June 2015 11:31
The police of the MIA Division for the Krasnokamsky District and MES officers visited the children staying in a summer camp based on an additional education establishment.
26 June 2015 10:55
During the rescue efforts the police evacuated from the disaster area more than 250 people.
26 June 2015 06:23
At the high motor-season the personnel of the Traffic Police carry out preventive raids aimed at ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers of two-wheeled transport.
25 June 2015 13:30 2
In Nizhny Novgorod, officers of the  Moscow Criminal Investigation Department conducted operative-investigative measures aimed at curbing the activities of members of an organized group, engaged in buying up and reselling stolen cars. Two suspects were detained and brought to the capital.
25 June 2015 12:28
Precinct officrers penetrated through the window into the burning room and brought the man out into the street. Before the arrival of the ambulance the police provided first aid to the victim.
25 June 2015 12:14 2
Police together with pupils of the Summer Camp based in school number 10 held preventive conversations with drivers transporting small passengers.
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