13 October 2014 11:40
According to the Police, the man is involved in a series of frauds relating to the sale of used cars.
13 October 2014 09:10
At an attempt of another crime, he was detained by criminal investigators of the police division number 2 of the MIA Administration for the city of Omsk with the power support of the OMON servicemen. 
13 October 2014 08:27
The Competitions are held in the region for the seventh time and are the starting point for those who make their first steps in this sport. This year more than 200 young athletes from the Siberian cities gathered in Gorno-Altaisk.
13 October 2014 08:23
The other day in the city of Orel there completed the competitions of the Russian Cup in Powerlifting and Classic Triathlon.
10 October 2014 14:41 3
State medals were awarded to the servicemen of the territorial units of the regional police at the official ceremony. The well-earned awards were presented by Chief of the Russian MIA General Administration for the Irkutsk Region Police Major-General Andrei Kalishchuk.
10 October 2014 14:12 3
The event was aimed to promote knowledge of the Road Rules and prevent children’s road injuries.
10 October 2014 13:44 3
Policemen of the Russian MIA Division for Langepas carried out drawing contest “Precinct Police Officer through Children's Eyes” among the pupils of additional education center “Raduga”.
10 October 2014 13:23 6
At the beginning, the inspectors reminded the children that they should obey the Road Rules and discussed with them standard errors made by young pedestrians when crossing the road. After that, the children participated in contests and quizzes for knowledge of the rules for safe behavior on the road.
10 October 2014 12:53
The malefactor acting as a sole proprietor opened an Internet shop for flowers delivery in any Russian region. The man deceived 52 residents of various regions over three months.
10 October 2014 12:02
Lonely, elderly and socially disadvantaged people suffered from the malefactors' actions.  All in all, 14 people suffered from the actions of the criminal group, the damage caused to them approximated 8 million roubles.
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